Mini Pockets

An innovative storage solution that is easy to use and helps Mini drivers manage the small items they bring in and out of their vehicles.

Mini Pockets Video!

CAD rendering of finished Mini Pockets

Ideas to reality as quickly as possible

Visualization of early storage concept


Realization of early storage concept


Measurements of Mini center stack


Creation of full scale Mini center stack

Iteration after iteration

2-D foam core 4 bar linkage


Full scale wood 4 bar linkage


Foam core mock up


Functional Prototype exploring multiple configurations

Detailed Design and Execution

CAD rendering of mechanical components


Fabricated mechanical components


Infrared sensor circuit diagram for stored item detection


Infrared sensor circuit implementation

System integration

Explosion view of Mini Pockets


Installation of Mini Pockets in Mini Cooper’s headliner


Fully integrated small item storage solution, Mini Pockets


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