Evan is a creative problem solver who dives head first into the most challenging and diverse problems he can find. He recently finished a prestigious rotation program at Genentech where he excelled in a variety of roles such as drug development project manager, medical device engineer, and global supply chain material planner. Evan gained entrepreneurial experience starting his own design consultancy “Enacting Innovation” where he worked as a process innovation coach for firms such as Panasonic.

Evan’s passion is building simple innovative solutions that solve real human needs. He loves navigating the fuzzy front end of design and knows how to turn ideas into reality. For instance he built a novel storage solution that helps MINI Cooper drivers keep track of their things and developed a device that allows parents to run with a natural arm motion while propelling a baby jogging stroller.

Evan was an ESPN First Team Academic All-American in football at Johns Hopkins University where he played wide receiver. He holds a MS in Mechanical Engineering Design from Stanford and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins.

Simple Joys: Vistas, playing sports, the smell of fresh baked cookies, conversing for hours with strangers

Myers Briggs: ENTJ (extraversion, intuition, thinking, judgment)

StrengthsFinder 2.0: Individualization, Achiever, Responsibility, Learner, Arranger

V.I.A. Character Strengths: Judgment, critical thinking, & open-mindedness; Bravery & valor; Honesty, authenticity, & genuineness; Perspective (wisdom); Fairness, equity, & justice

Top Values: Relationships, Service to Others, Achievement, Passion, & Challenge